What makes you happy?

Ok, as much as i wanted to post a blog that can change the fate of the entire humanity (which i know will never happen), my posts here will be basically  just my own opinions from any random topics which will just pop out of my head. I just want to stimulate my brain thru writings because basically I am a work-from-home person and spend most of my time at home while doing my business. 

Our life is not perfect and we have our own portion of “ups and downs” but I do believe that we ought to take responsibility of our own happiness. Many times I have red a book about humans countless pursuit of happiness and it all leads to one conclusion- that happiness comes from within. Regardless weather the person is rich or in need, happiness varies from person to person. Different person, different dimension of happiness. What really important is everybody is entitled to create their own happiness. Here is the dark side, sometimes happiness to some are troubles to others. (do you agree?)

How about you, what makes you happy? 


Author: iamtonytitan

A guy from Manila. Regular reader, and a student of personal development subject. Seeking, searching and learning. From wellness to happiness.

5 thoughts on “What makes you happy?”

  1. Our cats make us very happy! Mike loves doing his Crossfit and it helps with his anxieties. Tiff loves being outside and exploring. We also make each other happy which not many partners can say nowadays which is sad. Also food, but really really good wholesome food, oh and chocolate! 🙂

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